Forum Rules

Trolling will not be tolerated anywhere on the forum. Politics, religion, race and regionalism are off limits. Posts deemed in violation of these basic rules will be deleted without warning. Profanity is also discouraged and may be edited by moderators. There are plenty of other sites out there where that behavior is accepted. To clarify, a troll is a person who enters an established community such as an online discussion forum and intentionally tries to cause disruption, most often in the form of posting inflammatory, off‐topic, insulting, needling or otherwise inappropriate messages. Also, don’t bother to correct other people’s grammar and/or spelling. Pictures, videos and sound files posted on the forums must also be respectful and family friendly; no fully nude images are allowed, breasts and genitalia should be hidden, clothed, covered, etc. No graphic acts of violence or sexual intercourse are allowed.
2) 4V Iron heads
Of special note: At the core of the Cleveland engine design is the 4V heads. From the beginning of the forum, members have had a keen interest in unlocking the secrets of the iron 4V heads. This interest will continue in the future. Therefore iron head discussion threads shall not be disrupted or diverted by advocating off‐topic aftermarket heads. Anyone can discuss whatever heads they want in threads appropriate for them. Disrupted posts in iron head threads will be treated the same as any off‐topic post.
3) OT Subjects go to “The Bench”
In the interest of saving everyone the time of reading unrelated posts, please take off topic subjects to “The Bench” site as linked above.
4) Classifieds Section
We have a very active Classifieds section. Please post your for sale and wanted posts there. The forum moderators will delete for sale and wanted posts made in the main forum without warning. Cool eBay/online sales links to parts/cars that are not yours that may be good deals should only be posted in the Classifieds forum. Cool eBay/online sales links to parts/cars that are not yours that may be of technical interest for forum discussion will be allowed in the main forum.
5) Motorsport Professionals
We encourage Motorsport professionals to actively participate but please refrain from directly soliciting our members. If you have something that could help a member, feel free to mention it. If you have items for sale, feel free to make use of the Classifieds forum. Outright free marketing will be noticed as the spam that it is and may be deleted. If you believe you have a product that will be of interest to the Cleveland forum, contact the forum administrator before posting.
6) Forum Management
The Cleveland forum is administrated by a small group of people. The administrator (forum owner) has complete control over the forum. The moderators assist with the day to day maintenance. The Forum Friends are not mods but have a trusted advisory role. Moderators and Forum Friends must always respect the privacy of the forum and of forum members. The private information that forum members divulge in the process of registering for forum posting access will be protected and shall never be sold or given out. If any moderator or Forum Friend is found to have violated the privacy of the forum by sharing or copying members private contact information or any portions of the conversations or information shared in the private moderation forum they will be banned immediately.
6) No Public Whining
Complaints or criticism regarding the forum, a member of the forum, a specific post or thread, or the administrator/moderators of the forum should be made to the forum administrator privately. Public complaints or criticism shall not receive a public response under any circumstance, they shall be deleted without explanation and the poster of the complaint or criticism shall be warned, suspended or banned at the discretion of the administrator.
For legal reasons the forums shall not be drawn into a public dispute, complaint or grievance of any nature. Written confrontations in public view are not allowed. Disputes or grievances between two or more members are not to be expressed publicly in the forums, they should be expressed via private message. The owner and moderators of this community shall not take sides or be drawn into a dispute between two members, we shall remain neutral and consider members on both sides of a public dispute to be in violation of forum rules. Complaints or grievances regarding the parts or services received from a private individual or business are not to be expressed in a public forum. All such posts will be deleted without explanation and the poster banned or warned at the administrator’s discretion.
If you believe the forum members should be warned regarding the parts or services offered by a member please contact the administrator privately and make your case. Your concerns will be taken seriously, the administrator shall investigate your allegations. If your allegations have merit the member shall be banned and any posts advertising parts or services shall be deleted.
If a member is confronted or disrespected publicly in the forums please report the trouble to the owner or moderators. Please do not add fuel to a public confrontation. If the confrontational member is persistent in their attacks on you, please avoid posting on the forums until the owner or moderators have settled the matter. A member drawn into a public confrontation becomes equally guilty of violating these terms of service, and equally disruptive to the forums.
8) Forum Mission Statement
Finally, this site is a slice of “Cleveland Heaven” much like the Field of Dreams in the movie of the same name. We gather from all over the world to discuss the 351C and its Ford family relatives. From the newbie’s 1st question to the minutia and nuances of exhaust port rebound or bounce, we will be professional and polite and we shall all learn from each and every post. Any and all substantive criticism of the Cleveland engine design is permitted. And by “any and all substantive criticism” we mean all of it; no issue is off limits.
9) Penalties
But insults, name‐calling, or other expressions of contempt toward forum members are not welcome. This is what the forum management will refer to as “bad behavior”. Bad behavior will result in voiding of posts (deletion of post content) or deletion of posts. Members may receive a warning, temporary suspension or permanent banning, depending on the severity or frequency of offenses