Cylinder Head XE 150985

A unique EX part, a 351C closed chamber 2V head with 351W intake ports. member Dax posted the question “looking for information” ┬átherefore the pictures are “Photo credit Dax”


he also posted on the FOrd Barn Forum, here is some responses from that site:

Fordors Wrote:

To me it looks like a “composite” head; I see Cleveland style (or Boss if you prefer) exhaust ports and chambers, slightly smaller valves than the Boss engines, and 289-302 style intake ports. A true Boss 302 head will have practically sewer sized intake ports that have a generous radius cast into them at top and bottom. The Boss intake will not work with those heads.

Skidmarks (the OP (Dax) ) wrote:

That’s interesting about the water port. The small block gasket matches up did a 351 windsor use the same gasket?

I got more info the the smaller intake was made to gain more power on the low end because the large port boss intakes made the motor bog down when slowing down for hard turns in the trans am racing. These were dynoed with a port o sonic intake. Each chamer has a cc mark and some other odd stampings in the ends of the heads I figure the engine build made as notes.

Craig wrote:

The first 351W’s used an intake gasket with an odd water port, but the heads and intake manifold had an extra bolt hole by the port. The later engines dropped the extra hole, used the same gaskets as a 302. You can put an early manifold on later heads, just have to plug the bolt hole in the manifold.
If you have the matching intake, I would be figuring out what deck height block they fit and would be building an engine with these unique heads. Looking at the pictures, the ex ports look like the 2V version Cleveland/M series heads, much smaller than Boss 302 or 4V Cleveland ports, that’s where you’ll gain some torque. Since they appear to be the closed chamber “quench” design combustion chamber, you will end up with a fairly high comp ratio. Depending on block deck height, stroke and rod length, you might be able to use stock Boss 302 or 351C pistons and just notch the tops of the cylinders. Might make a cool engine.

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