SCM Air Supremacy Intake

Here is a new prototype in development from SCM Scott Cook Motorsport in Australia

Its Called the Air Supremacy

Single plane to suit SBF Cleveland 9.2″-9.5″

Just to note, the manifold above measures 8.760″ tall from the valley to carb flange.

I can custom machine it to fit Standard Heads! They need to be good though, this Intake is Serious. lol
400-440cuin Combinations 7500-8800rpm – 830+Hp .
The manifold was designed to suit my Large Raised Port Cylinder Head on 9.2″ & 9.5″ blocks but will adapt to most Cleveland Cylinder Heads.

To be avavailable around May this year.
Im just starting the Foundry patterns now.
Its 8.760″ tall on a 9.5′ Block and 8.530″ on the 9.2″ Block. Measured from the Valley surface to the Carb Pad.

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