Scaled Cleveland Cars

An archive of Cleveland cars, list your car weight engine combo ie all iron w/ ex manifolds or headers or alum intake, man trans, factory interior or all aluminum engine, gutted interior 8 point cage.. just list whatever you’ve done.

Note: weights listed in header line are without driver, as some weights included driver. I estimated 200# for driver and maybe?? perhaps… a few gallons of gas.

66 Fairlane w/351C 3350# Carl

2door hdtp aluminum wheels full interior but aftermarket lighter racing seats, headers, toploader w/scattershield, aluminum intake stock big block brass radiator, front disc brakes group 31 battery in trunk.
3350 lbs 1880 frt 1470 rear 56% front 44% rear the last motor dynoed 350 rear wheel horsepower with 10.7 compression and a 305H comp cam. 1/4 mile et was 13.02 at 112mph 60ft times 2.2. Obviously need to work on my 60ft times. Weight is without me in it.

67 Mustang Fastback 3110# Coupe3w  

Fiberglass hood, trunk lid, end caps, bumpers, fender flairs, and lower side scoops. Has Recaro seats and 4 point roll bar. Has 351C with aluminum intake, T-5 trans, Hooker headers, aluminum drive shaft, 9″ rear with drum brakes. Weighed in at 3110 with 1/2 tank of fuel.

67 Falcon 4door 3050# Falcon67

4 door, all steel, full interior (windows, door panels, winders, dash, package tray, backseat), stock front bumper, fiberglass hood, Front buckets from Maverick, 351C-4C – iron heads+aluminum intake, no cage: 3170

Same car, 8 point cage, fiberglass front bumper, no AC/Heat unit, wipers and wiper motor removed, fiberglass racing seats, full interior less back seat, 351C-4V – iron heads+aluminum intake: 3050

67 Mustang Coupe 2858# Jason

Scaled at Roger Kraus Racing 8/2012  2858 empty weight in race trim 56/44 front to rear distribution 351C 2V Rpm air gap manifold ,aluminum pulleys ,Borgeson Power steering with Krc pump, headers, full exhaust system ,4 pt roll bar ,aftermarket seats ,minimal interior

69 Cougar 3080# DragBoss

Figured put my 69 Cougar on to cover all the bases. It weighs 3255lbs with me and fuel, 3080lbs. With 385ci Cleveland, engine on build section. Ran best of 9.99, with consistent 10.0’s. All steel but fiberglass hood, all glass windows.

1970 Cougar Hardtop 3640# allenman

Had aftermarket steel rims otherwise: hardtop, ac, ps, pb, stock exhaust, 7 gal gas, 351C + FMX, spare tire = 3640 lbs, no driver.
Now with alum rims, alum intake, headers, no ac, no ps, 351C + C6, 10 gal gas = 3455 lbs, no driver

70 Cougar Hardtop 3145# Matt

351c with aluminum intake,2v aussie heads,9″ rear end,weld draglite 15×8 & 15×3.5 wheels,c4 trans, full 3″ exhaust w/delta flow flowmasters, pretty much full interior, no ps, no a/c or heater core,5 gallons gas and I took the front head light assembly off and has factory bumpers weighed 3345 lbs with me in it. At the time I weighed 200 lbs.

70 2930# Machstang

10.52 @ 130. 2950 w/o driver 3130 w/ driver

70 Torino GT 3930# Mike

power steering, power brakes, steel wheels fmx transmission, pretty much stock scaled at 4130lbs with driver at 220lbs, and about half a tank of fuel. Changed out to Lentech AOD, Magnum wheels, headers….should be about break even.
Also switched out mostly stock “m” code with 3.00 gears and 1900 stall to a hotter engine, 4.33 gears and a 3000 stall convertor, but haven’t taken it to track yet…motor pushed 5200lb truck to high 13’s….

70 Mach1 3380# Clevelandstyle

Fairly original ’70 Mach I Mustang. 351C 4V healthy cam and aluminum intake. Toploader 4 speed. Full interior. Ran 12.30s at 3380 lb w/out driver.

70 Cougar XR7 Convertible 3640# Hawkxr7

My car weighed in on the scales at 3640 lbs without me. The car has an aluminum intake, headers, factory toploader and M code cleveland with a Comp Cams XE 274. 6,000 RPM shift point. Best 1/4 mile time is 13.65 at 105 mph on 70 series street tire

71 Mustang Convertible 3550# Jorgem

Its a 1972 Mustang convertible street/strip car all original including Full interior AC/ power steering. Weld wheels. 3750 lbs with me in it. 351c .030 solid cam, headers , alum intake, 4r70w OD conversion. runs 12.85 at 107mph in the 1/4 and 8.2 at 87 in the 1/8 mile. Needs some more tuning. And better seat belts….

71 Mach 1 2900# Ted Mclemore  

we weighed our 71 mach1 at bristol about ten years ago. 2900 lbs w/o driver it is all steel except for the hood. interior is gone except for dash pad. our driver weighs about 230 lbs. that was with iron heads. chi heads on it now but weve also added some additional roll bars alt. mid plate etc.also it had a c4 then a p/glide now.the glide is heavier. best et 9.932 at 134.3 10.4 compression roller comp cam 4.30 gears 13.5 hoosier slicks.shift at 6800rpm.

 72 Mach 1 3470# Andy

My Mach 1 weighs 3470 with a 460 bbf/C6 trans and full interior. Only thing missing is spare tire and jack. Runs the 1/4 in 13 flat with lots of wheel spin on street tires.

73 Mach1 3570# FastE

weighed in at 3750 this July. That is with a 1/2 tank of fuel, me in it(180lbs),full interior,AC,PS,PDB,Fold down,space saver etc….fully loaded.Magnum 500’s BFG’s.
351 CJ,Offy 360, aluminum water pump,headers,comp 270,C6 w CJ converter. Best time so far 8.63 at 82 MPH. That was with a 4.22 gear and slicks. The slowest car around. I am now running a 3:50 gear and has slowed to 9.10-9.20’s in street trim,closed exhaust and BFG’s. Sixty foot times are 2.05-2.03.

 73 Cougar XR7 3530#  SteveK

I weighed mine with the Cleveland back in 90’s at race city speedways scale. I had appliance wheels and BFG tires. It weighed 3530 without me and 1/2 tank fuel. Since restoration and weight removal it weighs 3420. That’s with roll bar added. 8 point .I now have 436 with chi heads that dynoed 643 on c12 and 650.6 on q16. The carhas full interior and is street drivable and so far has run a best of 11.28 @ 119.8 and recently I added full 3.5 inch exhaust system and so far without tuning has gone 11.40@ 119.4. Needs more tuning when time is available?? All runs were with a density altitude of 4600+? Oh yes I add about 200lbs with gear on!

79 Aussie P6 LTD 4300# Nathen

drag only car 1979 P6 LTD factory weight approx 4300lb
race weight (car only) 3050lb, has run 10.90 @ 124.
car has 8pt moly cage, AFD 2V alloy heads, 12.5:1 comp, funnelweb intake, stock stroke, custom comp cam solid roller, C4, 9″, completely stripped (removed electric seats and windows, heater, A/C P/S, etc, alum seat, fiberglass; dashpad, bumpers, bootlid, hood, doors, lexan side windows, fuel cell, headers only, alloy wheels, DS2 fronts, 28×10 slicks

79 Fairmont 2940# Clevelandstyle

My drag car is. ’79 fairmont with a iron headed 4V 408 Cleveland/C4 combo. 9″ rear with iron center section.
It has an aluminum intake and water pump. Everything else is iron. The interior is gutted with a 10 point cage. The body is all steel with a fiberglass hood. The bumpers are factory aluminum. Runs 10:50-60s Weight is 3140 with me in it.
I have plans to add a tubular K-member and A-arms/ coil overs . That should drop the weight under 3100.